Wellness plant: authentic Speick –
Valeriana Celtica - the medicinal plant from the Carinthian Nockberge

Alpen-Speik: the delicate little plant with a strong effect

The Nockberge biosphere reserve is among the most beautiful mountain regions of Austria, where the valerian plant Speick has been growing inconspicuously for millennia. Amidst many other mountain plants, it grows in harmony with nature as am effective natural cosmetics basis. The delicate little plants are difficult to find at an altitude of 1800 metres, but their unmistakable intensive fragrance drifts throughout the whole Nockberge region from July to September.

Your soothing beauty treatments with genuine Speick

At Hotel Prägant you can treat yourself to soothing Speick treatments and experience the pleasant effect of this valerian plant. Speick has a calming effect on the central nervous system, while the healing plant stimulates the vegetative nervous system at the same time. The valerian plant relaxes without causing fatigue and revitalises the body, mind and spirit.

Speick was already prized 2500 years ago in the orient due to its intensive aroma and special properties in cosmetics. In North Africa and in Europe, people bathed with Speick and it was used as a scent. Brides were rubbed with Speick before their wedding.

After the Speick plant was harvested uncontrolled from the 15th century in large quantities for export to the orient, it has been under nature conservation since 1936.

The history and origins of the Speick healing plant

Today Speick is harvested within a clearly regulated nature conservation project: in the period from Assumption Day (15 August) to Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary (8 September), two farming families from the Nockberge harvest the Speick manually – working with care and dedication. Then it is dried in special Speick ricks.

Since 2003, the Speick plant has been certified as one of the few wild plants as controlled organic wild gathering. In Leinfelden near Stuttgart, the plants are then extracted carefully, creating step by step the well-known brand Speick natural cosmetics.

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