The Prägant family dressed in traditional costume in the Carinthian countryside

More than 150 years of "Prägant"
in Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria

The Prägant family has been around in the Kirchheim valley for a long time. Since 1851, the "Kirschner Hube", the current hotel and apartment site, has been owned by the family.

Matthias Prägant had come to Bad Kleinkirchheim from Styria. The Prägant family ran an extensive farming enterprise here alongside a shop and the "Kirschner" guesthouse - later named "Prägant" - after its owner. After the Second World War, extensions and modernisations were carried out. The guesthouse became more important and more popular. Many events such as fire brigade and singing festivals as well as weddings were held. However, the shop was closed in 1972.

Popular tourist village Bad Kleinkirchheim in Carinthia

Today the guesthouse has been converted into the beautiful apartments and right next to it Hotel Prägant was built. It is especially due to Franz Prägant, the grandfather of the current host Michael Prägant, that Bad Kleinkirchheim became a popular tourist destination. In 13 years as vice mayor, councillor, fire chief, parish councillor and other roles, he contributed significantly to a central water supply and the supply of electricity to Bad Kleinkirchheim in 1954.

Since 1970 Hotel Prägant in Bad Kleinkirchheim

As the Prägant guesthouse became increasingly popular due to the culinary skills of Aloisia Prägant known beyond the Carinthian borders, as well as the sociable hosts and staff, grandfather Franz Prägant decided with his wife Aloisia in 1970 to build the present-day Hotel Prägant. However, when Franz passed away in 1973, two of his sons, Franz and Heimo, took over the hotel and the inn.

Through further conversions, the enterprise was brought up to modern standards. Franz Prägant junior, whose work took him to England, the USA and South Africa, came back home at the behest of his father. Franz, who was also an enthusiastic pilot, brought many new virtues to the Kirchheim valley.

Cooperation, tolerance, foresight and practiced hospitality were among his values and he was, therefore, a popular resident in the up-and-coming tourism hub Bad Kleinkirchheim in Austria.

With his passion for flying, he was also able to grant guests and locals fabulous hours of scenic flights over the mountains and lakes of Carinthia. He began early on to cooperate with hoteliers in Bad Kleinkirchheim and there were joint events and marketing concepts. Unfortunately, Franz junior died young – at the age of just 43 – in the year 1990. His wife Irmgard, mother of three sons, continued to run the hotel successfully and made it a refuge for individualists. Irmgard Prägant continues to be at the heart of the hotel and has a firm grip on the figures.

4th generation at Hotel Prägant in Carinthia

Since March 2009, the 4th generation has been in charge. Michael Prägant, after a couple of years abroad and studies in Graz, has taken over running the hotel. Now Michael, together with his wife Kerstin, son Philipp Franz (born in August 2009), daughter Nora Luise (born in December 2014), son Oskar (born in September 2018) and support from mum Irmgard, is continuing the family-run hospitality at Hotel Prägant.

Albeit later on in life, Michael was infected by one of his father's passions – flying. On the mountains around Bad Kleinkirchheim he can often be seen with his paraglider. Michael's two brothers Christian and Stefan are frequent visitors to the hotel with their families. The family-run hotel extends you a cordial welcome in Carinthia, Austria.

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