Unique in Austria: Genuss Wirt
Kärnten (Carinthian Gourmet Host)

Indulgence country Carinthia - Regional specialities

As a certified Genuss Wirt Kärnten (Carinthian Gourmet Host), Hotel Prägant is committed to sourcing the best ingredients primarily from Carinthian farmers and suppliers, as well as from controlled regions of Austria. For this reason the various dishes in the restaurant taste particularly good.

High quality and transparent sources of products are a top priority.

We therefore offer milk, butter, curd, cream, eggs, fruit, vegetables, freshwater fish, beef and pork from Carinthia and Austria. Here is a little insight into our suppliers from the region:

  • Pork: Ilgenfritz GmbH in Villach
  • Fish: Fish farm Hofer in Feld am See
  • Milk, cream, sour cream: Kärntner Milch
  • Yogurt, curd: Mallhof organic farm in Bad Kleinkirchheim
  • Cheese: Kaslab'n in Radenthein, Tschadamerhof in Liebenfels, Mallhof organic farm in Bad Kleinkirchheim
  • Drautaler cheese: Kärntner Milch
  • Wine: Köck vineyard in Feldkirchen, Gartner vineyard in St. Andrä
  • Apple juice and Carinthia water: APO fruit juices in Millstatt

Excellent Carinthian culinary with regional products and fresh herbs

The use of regional products is not only a promise but is controlled by the AMA (Agrarmarkt Austria). The high-quality dishes are then refined with fresh herbs from our own herb garden.

A visit to a Carinthian Gourmet Host, therefore, has double benefits. You get the best regional quality and at the same time are contributing to boosting the regional economy. Book a holiday now or send a non-binding enquiry.