Massages for pregnant women
on your holiday in Carinthia

Nurturing & soothing wellness holiday in Austria during pregnancy

Pregnant women, in particular, find massages soothing and pain-relieving – especially for backache.

massage even for highly pregnant women. The special feature of the massage bed is the lying surface with removed areas of padding to accommodate the belly and bust flexibly. One can lie comfortably on one's front without the belly or bust being squashed. Of course, parents-to-be can also relax in the SPA area at Hotel Prägant!

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Wellness during pregnancy on your holiday in Carinthia

Special wellness moments for mums-to-be at the New Life Hotel Prägant

As a mum-to-be, you should take good care of yourself, also with regard to the health of your child growing within you. Massages and rest are an ideal combination for this. A women's back is very burdened during pregnancy, as one is carrying more weight around. Backache, swollen legs and feet are often the result.

Everything that helps to ease tension, pain and stress is of course beneficial for the mind, body and soul of every mum-to-be. For this reason, we have developed together with a midwife special packages for joyfully expectant women that have a soothing and easing effect.

The principle applies: "One may do everything one feels like and that does one good."

Especially recommended treatment for mums-to-be

  • Wellness massage with special treatment against stretch marks, approx. 50 mins. € 78,-

This treatment is a good measure for preparing the skin for extensive stretching during pregnancy.

Do something good for you and your little angel and book your pregnancy holiday at Hotel Prägant in Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria.