Holes Golfclub Bad Kleinkirchheim-
Kaiserburg in Carinthia

Detailed description with tips and tricks for every hole at the golf course Kaiserburg by Franz Klammer

1. Hole: 443 m/379 m - Par 5 - HCP 5
"A tricky starting hole. Above you the wannabes at the clubhouse, to the left the driving range, at drive level a stream. But you have to get across it so that you can reach the high green plateau with a 3-iron. After putting into the hole, it is worth looking backwards. A great view of the Nockberge."

2. Hole: 407 m/359 m - Par 4 - HCP 7
"When teeing downhill I tend towards the right, as that’s where the 8th fairway is. The green can be mastered without great difficulty. Squat and read it well!"

3. Hole: 329 m/282 m - Par 4 - HCP 13
"Twice a good 5-iron and this darned hefty hole loses its terror. I play a short shot to the green, because to the right and behind it rapidly flowing water swallows up the balls."

4. Hole: 373 m/283 m - Par 4 - HCP 11
"A hook during the drive is ideal. The second shot, however, is quite something: it must be played with power over a little stream up to a wavy green. The bunker should be avoided if possible."

5. Hole: 156 m/142 m - Par 3 - HCP 17
"I’m fond of this hole. To the left of it is the final leg of the ski slope K70 named after me."

6. Hole: 376 m/330 m  Par 4 - HCP 3
"The most difficult hole not only for me! You have to get across three stretches of water to reach the green peninsula. I often play for a bogey here from the beginning."

7. Hole: 135 m/126 m - Par 3 - HCP 15
"The same ‘quality’ for women and men. Before choosing the iron, it is essential to check the wind."

8. Hole: 470 m/418 m - Par 5 - HCP 9
"With the help of the wind, even an eagle is possible. If the flag stays in the hole when putting, it incurs penalty shots."

9. Hole: 422 m/370 m - Par 4 - HCP 1 "A golf treat that one often chokes on. Those for who the second strike over the pond is too long should deviate to the parallel first fairway. Not elegant, but effective."

10. Hole: 296 m/245 m - Par 4 - HCP 14 "Incredibly tight. Those who tee with a 5-iron will not be sneered at."

11. Hole: 119 m/109 m - Par 3 - HCP 18 "A wedge as straight as a post. Close your eyes and don’t panic. Red posts mitigate the fiasco."

12. Hole: 465 m/434 m - Par 5 - HCP 6 "A dream of a golf hole. With the drive I of course avoid the border to the right."

13. Hole: 382 m/333 m - Par 4 - HCP 12 "Nothing less than a 100-metre tee will do here, because between the tee and fairway there is only a biotope. And woe betide anyone looking for balls there..."

14. Hole: 507 m/457 m - Par 5 - HCP 4
"A full-on attack towards the green rarely goes well here. In case of doubt, I reckon with one shot more. The trout in the pond leap up into the air in gratitude."

15. Hole: 384 m/295 m - Par 4 - HCP 10
"To ladies who are playing, I recommend a 5-wood when teeing off over the biotope. This is enough to get over it safely. The rest is without any pitfalls. A smooth approach."

16. Hole: 361 m/311 m - Par 4 - HCP 8
"Dogleg to the right. Those who opt for direct here can miscalculate. After putting in, I look forward to the luxury of being chauffeured to the 17th hole. Small talk and take a deep breath."

17. Hole: 120 m/108 m - Par 3 - HCP 16
"I attack here with a 9-iron. Uncompromising."

18. Hole: 261 m/231 m - Par 4 - HCP 2
"The mouse trap. Here I play safety first with a 6-iron. The final shot towards the high invisible green is always a challenge. Always take an iron more than you think! After the last putt I always say to my partners: ‘Congratulations’, for the fair game, the Lady Tea or whatever.”

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