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Wellness for pregnant women - holiday in pregnancy

Wellness during pregnancy

Special moments of well-being for our mothers-to-be

As a mother-to-be you should take special care of yourself, also with regard to the health of your child that is growing within you. Massages and relaxation are an ideal combination for this. A woman’s back is particularly strained during pregnancy, through carrying additional weight around. Therefore backache and swollen legs and feet are very common.

Anything that can help to ease tension and pain is of benefit to every mother-to-be. For this reason we have developed, together with a midwife, special packages for expectant women
that are soothing, indulgent and promote well-being.

The following principle applies: “You are allowed to do anything you feel like doing and everything that does you good.”

We especially recommend for mothers-to-be

Soothing massage with special treatment for stretch marks
approx. 50 min € 60

This treatment is a good way to prepare the skin for extreme stretching during pregnancy.

Lymphatic drainage
depending on duration € 35 bis € 60

During lymphatic drainage, the area to be treated is massaged and manipulated with circular and pumping movements and by applying gently pressure, so that the gathered fluid, especially in the arms and legs, can be released from the tissue.

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Info & booking hotline
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